Hello fellow readers!
Here’s the 411 on me, my reviews, and my blog:

About Me:

I’m Gwen. Short for Guinevere. (My mom loved the King Arthur Tales…). I am a college student studying to be a librarian. I am super involved in my campus organizations and I love being busy. When I’m not busy I love reading. I’m not picky and I’ll take suggestions from anyone.

I have a big family, an adorable cat and silly dog, and I love them very much. My other interests include the shows Friends, the Office, and Gilmore Girls. I make some really beautiful friendship bracelets too. Other than that I’m just an average girl.

About the Reviews:

I write all of my reviews in conjunction to the CLCD database requirements. I do this because as a student at my university I get to read books and keep them for free in exchange for database reviews. And of course when you’re writing for someone else, you have to do what they ask. Either way I think all of their guidelines are useful and add a lot to each review. That being said, I might edit or write alternate reviews that are more casual and beneficial to the average reader. My reviews are mainly for young adult and children’s books.

About the Blog:

Originally this blog was created as an assignment for class. I have free reign to do as I please and I fully intend to keep this blog running and as true to myself as possible. When I was younger I wanted to be a professional book reviewer. That was before I knew what a blog was. I would love if you keep visiting it and share this experience with me!