P.S. I Like You

P.S. I like You by Kasie West

 girl and boy on a bench book cover

BIBLIO: 2016,Point an Imprint of Scholastic, Ages 12 to 16, $17.99.
REVIEWER: Gwen Harter.
FORMAT: Young Adult book

A classic and quick read this novel is perfect for the romantic type. The main character Lily Abbott narrates her crazy, relatable life. The second child of four Lily talks frequently about her family-centric life with her eccentric family. Lily is shy, quirky, and feels like a friend. She daydreams and doodles frequently in her notebook full of dress designs and half-finished songs and plays on her guitar. The plot kickstarts when she is caught doodling in chemistry class and writes on the desk and there’s a response the next day! Lily begins a pen pal relationship with a surprising someone. In the meantime Lily has plenty of awkward encounters with the opposite sex between being set up with David, asking out Lucas, and arguing with Cade. Isabel, her best friend helps her maneuver the mine field of dating and encourages her to share her music. There is plenty of excitement, humiliation, lovely letters, lively banter, and genuine teenage life. I would recommend this book for teen girls. There are a lot of positive behavioral examples regarding divorce, friendships, and family commitment. The style is simple yet entertaining and perfect for the reluctant readers.


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